for plastics, light alloys and wood

IV H • Screw Insert type H

insert a visser plastique grande diffusion insert a visser plastiques techniques
preconisation pour le concepteur
Chip Tray

Lb Well depth : To recover the chips produced during installation Insert length + 2 to 3 mm

Open Well

The insert must be fully buried in the material :Insert length +1 mm

insert a visser tableau couple vitesse
ØP / Well diameter

A larger hole will make it easier to fit the insert but at the expense of the holding force and torque resistance. Plan a counterbore and/or a chamfer to fit the insert more easily and ensure that it is flush with the surface of the material.

S / Wall sickness :

Depends on the material elasticity and the stress on the assembly.
Commodity plastics S ≥ 0.25 to 0.9 insert outer Ø Technical & High performance plastics & Light alloys : S ≥ 0.2 to 0.6 insert outer Ø