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Created in 1973 SECAM Fixations is a subsidiary of the HBP group specializing in fasteners for plastic materials, standardized screws and parts on drawing.

At our site in Marnaz, 40 km from Geneva, we provide a full service covering all development, prototype production, manufacturing and sales.

SECAM Fixations’ main activity is the wholesale trade (inter-company trade) of various industrial supplies and equipment.

SECAM Fixations designs and markets assembly solutions for plastics and light alloys (Inserts, self-forming screws, standard and custom fasteners).

Located in Haute-Savoie and backed by our parent company specializing in precision machining, we have a strong culture of engineering, production and supply chain management.

With more than 3000 references in stock, we offer a complete catalog around our historical professions:

  • Screws and inserts for soft materials

  • Standardized or custom fasteners

  • And a new range focused on composite materials

For 15 years HBP has been the partner of its clients’ R&D and methods project teams and allows them to integrate the realities of large series very early:

Resolution of technological issues to industrialize models and prototypes

Competitiveness with “low cost” countries

Design, project engineering (parts and sub-assemblies)

Bar turning, machining, cold heading, small, medium and large series (expert in complex mechanical parts)

Realization of sub-assemblies, competitive solutions

Since 1975
80 Collaborators
5700 m² of premises
€20 million turnover

Industrialization and production of mechanical components, innovative products and materials

Solutions based on technical ceramics

Design and industrialization of innovative fastening solutions