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Founded in 1973, SECAM Fixations is a subsidiary of the HBP Group specialising in fasteners for plastics, standardised screw fittings and customised parts.

At our site in Marnaz, 40 km from Geneva, we provide a complete service covering development, prototype production, manufacturing and sales.

SECAM Fixations’ main activity is the wholesale (business-to-business) of various industrial supplies and equipment.

SECAM Fixations designs and markets assembly solutions for plastics and light alloys (inserts, self-forming screws, standard and made-to-measure fasteners).

Based in Haute-Savoie and backed by our parent company specialising in precision machining, we have a strong culture of engineering, production and supply chain management.

With more than 3,000 items in stock, we offer a comprehensive catalogue based on our core businesses:

  • Screws and inserts for soft materials
  • Standard and customised fasteners
  • And a new range focusing on composite materials
Since 1975
80 Employees
5700 m² of space
20 million turnover

Industrialisation and production of mechanical components, innovative products and materials

Solutions based on technical ceramics

Design and manufacture of innovative fastening solutions

Industrialisation et production de composants mécaniques, produits et matériaux innovants

Solutions à base de céramique technique

Conception et Industrialisation de solutions de fixations innovantes