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An approach, a philosophy, values...

We support our clients in the development of solutions of fasteners and have particular expertise in sizing assembly systems.

SECAM and the HBP group participate in projects at an early stage with large companies such as Saint-Gobain as well as prime contractors in aviation and space, to design the bindings of tomorrow.

A very experienced team

Lucien, Doctor of Materials

expert in polymers and composites 35 years of experience

Fabien, Mechanical engineer

fasteners expert,
30 years of experience

David, Nicolas, Ronald, Yoann, 4 Technical-commercial

able to identify
all your projects
with experience
from 15 to 30 years old.

The HBP group also has 4 Mechanical Engineers and a Chemical Engineer who can come as reinforcements at any time.

CAD, finite element simulation, RDM calculations and sizing


Owner of several patents, in particular in the fixing of sandwich panels, we can assist you in the management of your Intellectual Property, in particular via a patent filing partnership.

Our means

We benefit from a network of local suppliers guaranteeing us agility and responsiveness for the realization test materials.

Traction Machine

Up to 25 kN
Piloted movement

Torque control

Controls angle and force up to 10 Nm
Torque sensors up to 200 Nm

3D printing

Volumic3D stream 30

Mechanical workshop

lathes, traditional milling machines, drills, …

Group Engineering

The HBP offer around Innovative Materials

In a world where resources are becoming scarce, the HBP Group puts its know-how and experience at the service of valorization and industrial formatting.
materials of the future, high performance, Working with Innovative Materials organically sourced and from the circular economy.

  • Collaborative engineering and design
  • Study of the properties of materials
  • Formulation of custom ceramic powders
  • Pressing
  • Machining
  • Sintering
  • Finishes
  • Ceramic Coating
  • Ceramic coloring with 100% mineral pigments
  • Custom color development
  • Coloring of parts in depth and in small series
  • Design of Fixing solutions

  • Prototyping and Industrialization