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The optimized fastening solution for sandwich panels

Do you want to reduce the number of steps needed to install fasteners?
Simplify the automation and installation of the insert for sandwich panels?
Reduce fixing time and panel downtime?

Join our team live in a webinar to learn more about the benefits and applications of our robotic inserting solution for composite sandwich panels.

SECAMnida demonstration (Composite Europe 2019)


Non-through fixing
Mechanical strength and optimized installation
50% weight reduction versus NAS-type potted insert
Simplification of the design and manufacture of the sandwich panel by avoiding the installation of reinforcements

Only on specific studies

Total panel thickness from 12.5 to 40mm
Skin thickness from 0.5 to 2mm
Insert material Aluminum or stainless steel
M3 to M8 thread

The optimized fastening solution for sandwich panels


Non-through fixing
full integration

less than 30 sec

50% relief


1500 N – 3000 N


no additional reinforcement

immediate handling